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Touching photo slideshow of Raccoon over the years put together by Jane Quinn Brack set to The Angels Cry.

Photographer Elvert Xavier Barnes stated a photoset page titled, “In Memory of Raccoon.

Here are the last known photos taken of Raccoon a week before he passed.


These are photos from Pete Zoernig’s archive.

Here are a couple photos from after Raccoon’s funeral.

Mike Wuyek has posted some photos of Raccoon in his web gallery.



This picture was on The Mall in DC on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2005, sent to me by the author
of The Memorial Day Writers Project.



Mon 10/2/2006 1:58 PM


Hello  : ) Thank you for putting this together in Raccoon's honor ... I was saddened to hear the news about his passing.  I just saw him before I moved out of DC earlier this year.  I hadn’t seen him in years ... and he just 'popped up' to say hello  : )  It’s as if he were making his rounds to say 'farewell' .... 


I have a group photo of a bunch of folks in front of the old Crystal House in Washington DC ... I cropped Raccoon out of this picture.  I think it’s a nice shot ... he's holding a large crystal cluster.  The picture is from around 1988 or 89 ...  I took the picture, so, please feel free to use it on the website if you would like.  Thanks again for keeping the music alive!  


Peace and Blessings,

Jaqui MacMillan


Please send your pictures of Raccoon to be posted on this site.



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